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If you've ever had body issues, change all that and enjoy the deliciousness of your body

Conversations about Intimacy, Sexualness, & Being Absolutely Turned on Being YOU!

2 DVDs with over 3 hours of Video
1 CD with 60 minutes of Audio Clearings.

Recieve the Gift Or Your Delicious Body Now!Yes, you and I know, Body, Sex, Intimacy and Relationship issues ruin and devastate your life.

All the pleasure and enjoyment that should be yours isn’t happening.

And it’s your right to be joyous with all that is you (let me tell you a secret - when you are blissfully happy, with your body, sex, intimacy, and relationships you have a spellbinding effect on YOU and everyone else in your world).

Until now there’s been far too many limitations, barriers and judgements getting in your way.

Trying to deal with them all by yourself hasn’t worked (it’s never easy on your own is it?).

And that library of self-help books and magazine articles – well some might have helped a little – but not nearly enough.

You still feel plagued with one or more of the problems. You may have noticed these issues are all interwoven – like a poisonousness tarantula’s web.

Don’t Like Your Body? – Leads to unfulfilled sex, intimacy dilemmas and relationship breakdowns

Gone Off Sex?– There goes the delights for your body, intimacy is wrecked and relationships fall to pieces

Intimacy Not Igniting? – You miss out on great sex, you “hate” your body and relationships start hitting the rocks

Relationships not working? – Sex, what sex? It’s non-existent, intimacy is 1000 miles away and you don’t see the real you when you glance in the mirror

And on and on it goes.

But, enough of just “talking” about it.

Because you want to SOLVE all these issues right NOW.

And start living the life you so much deserve and crave for.

You know I only ever share the strategies, techniques and answers that actually work.

The best of the best that I’ve used to super enhance my life – and when they do it for me – I always make sure they will work for you.

One thing I’ve always wanted for you – are methods that work FAST.

Meet The Person Who Makes The Changes You Want To Happen – Super FAST

Here he is - Dr Dain Heer. My colleague, my friend, my inspiration.

It all began when I interviewed him in May 2012 for Intimate Conversations Live. I was completely blown away by his incredible skills and abilities. And his wisdom, authenticity and kindness.

Then I attended (I couldn’t wait- he really is extraordinary gifted) his Being You – Change The World event in Los Angeles.
And my goodness he didn’t just change it - he absolutely rocked my world - my life had been good. But now, and even I can hardly believe it – but it’s so true - it’s 1000% better.

And I saw the same lasting changes everyone else gained. Women and Men. All of them in a new state of ecstasy about their lives.

I know you have to experience this.

With an extra special program with Dain and me that gets you the results you most want.

So you’ll be so comfortable with your delicious body (it won’t matter if you feel you’re too fat or thin, this, that or whatever – any and all these “issues” will vanish).

You’ll indulge in intimacy. Relish mind - blowing sex. And create and have the relationships you’ve dreamed about.

PLUS – finally - putting an end to every other “problem” you may have.

How wonderful is that?

But Dain is in such high demand around the world, in 46 countries – how was I going to snag him to make this breakthrough program?

As he taught me, I dropped all my barriers, got vulnerable, and told him what would make me really happy... to create a DVD with him for you.

To share his knowledge in making your life truly magnificent. Exactly the way you want it to be.

And to make this happen - I would fire all the questions you need resolved - and he’ll give you all the answers that actually work for you.

And thanks to my mesmerizing charm, sparkling personality and masterful persuasion... he did agree to make our program – actually that’s not the reason.

He wanted to help.

He’s a phenomenal and generous man.

His priority is consciousness. 

Which means until we are all living the delicious life we choose, he’s not stopping.

Me neither. 

I Know What You’re Thinking. WHO Is This Guy? And How Does He Make Our Lives So Amazing?

Dr Dain Heer, co-created Access Consciousness – a simple but very potent set of tools that lets you create dynamic changes in every area of your life.

Using Clearings - the most powerful processes on earth that automatically “clear” all the blockages, negativity and judgements (from yourself and others) that are limiting you.

Empowering you to become totally aware with astonishing knowing power.

By having this greater consciousness you are now fully able to tap in and recognize or gain the abilities to choose and generate the life you truly want to have.

This transformation is FAST easy and extremely pleasurable – it is so exhilarating.

This is What We Did Together – So You Get All The Benefits

Recieve the Gift Or Your Delicious Body Now!We made 5 videos on 2 DVD’s with over 3 hours of the most powerful content you or me have ever experienced!

You’ll not only watch one of the most revealing conversations about relationships, intimacy, sexualness and our bodies.

But every step of the way there are processes which totally clear and melt away all the “issues” we talk about - as we go deeper and deeper into what’s possible in all aspects of YOUR relationship with yourself and others.

And the Best Part?

With the limitations gone. Everything you’ve ever wanted in life is possible. It’s real, certain and definite because you just know you can and will have it.

Video 1: Where The Judgement Began – The Return Of Caring For You And Your Body

  • Yes, when it all started – judgements (by you and others) limiting you - causing you so many problems
  • All those “bad” feelings you have about your body, sex, intimacy, relationships but NOT anymore
  • Because with Access Consciousness, they’ll all be explained, they’ll be no more regret, blame or faults
  • You’ll have a new way of thinking which unlocks, unblocks and overcomes and stops them from affecting you ever again
  • Because they’ll all be uncreated and made to – whoosh – disappear forever!

Video 2: 8 Aspects of Sexualness Revealed – Judgments To Getting Them Cleared

  • Yes, your true sexualness rediscovered
  • Let’s have fun exploring it (I know I did)
  • And sexual orgasmic feelings are not just for “Sex Only” - that wonderful energy can be had for other areas in your life. How good is that?
  • And any barriers and judgements in relationships stopping you from having sizzling, smouldering, red hot sex will melt away
  • Welcome to your new ohhh so pleasurable sexy life

Video 3: Components Of Intimacy - Coming Home To You

  • The 5 parts of intimacy – you MUST know what they are
  • Blowing away all the past troubles quickly and easily
  • It’s all going to happen for you - as in really happen!
  • And you’ll have magnificent intimate relationships (people will so much adore you)
  • And you’ll have a new sheer delectable intimacy with your partner

Video 4: What Does Honoring You Look Like In A Relationship?

  • Yes YOU, it’s about you
  • Making you feel great about yourself
  • If not your relationships crash
  • So everything you need is fixed and resolved – then you and everyone then relish and appreciate you
  • It doesn’t just look good it feels so magical

Video 5: What’s Possible For You, Your Body, Intimacy, Sex And Relationships?

  • Now that all the “issues” “limitations” “rejections “blocks” and “judgements” have been removed and are gone, gone gone (I know what a fabulous relief that is!)
  • We look at what is now possible – that was utterly impossible before
  • You’re in a new state of awareness and enlightenment
  • The possibilities for you and your body, intimacy, sex, relationships and everything else in your life are just so enticing
  • And you’ll know exactly how to make them happen

And A Rather Sensational Extra Audio CD

To Make Sure You Have The Life You Want – Forever!

You’ll treasure this, you really will.

Because especially for us Dain recorded a full hour of life changing clearings taken from our DVD’s. And he included so much more additional help.

To ensure that every area of your life changes for good.

You can listen to them anytime you want. Even when you sleep, you’ll wake up, energised, refreshed and turbo charged to go and love your life.

146 of the ultimate verbal processes which automatically and quickly vanish all the bad judgements, blocks and barriers that have limited you and held you back from achieving the brilliant life you desire.

So you’ll open up your brand new world and discover what you can and will create with your body, your intimacy, your sexualness and relationships.

PLUS everything else in life you’ve been longing for.

You’ll embrace the joy and bliss you’ve missed. Because now it is all yours.

And You Get The Full Transcripts Of The DVD’s and Audio CD (via immediate Download)

Sometimes you just want to sit back and read.

So, go through the transcripts, and if want to make notes.

Especially when you experience all the Eureka! moments. And you’ll have lots and lots of them!

My transcripts have dozens of highlights where I’ve written –

“Yes! that did it, problem gone”

“I so loved it when that empowered me”

“Wow, that demolished that block and limitation”

And many saying - “That is fabulous. That poor judgement others made against me and the ones I made - are no more, and I know they’ll never be a problem for me ever again”

So there you have it. It was such a privilege talking with Dr Dain Heer. It’s my fastest ever program to get YOU the permanent results you want in every part of your life.

It really does work - and I urge you to let Dain prove it’ll work spectacularly well for you.

Because here’s the thing – if you don’t choose to have a much, much better, richer, happier life – no one else will choose it for you.

You must have this – for the most important, vital and indispensable reason there is – for YOU.

Here’s My Delicious Guarantee

Recieve the Gift Or Your Delicious Body Now!“I know you’ll create the most phenomenal life YOU want after watching and listening to “Your Delicious Body”

The results are FAST. You’ll only need a few hours to discover and have it it all. But in case you are busy and need to set aside the time - take 30 Days.

And if you’re not in raptures and savouring all the gains you’ve achieved. Knowing you now have all the pleasure you want in your life. If for any reason you’re not thrilled.

Then return the set back to me. And I’ll send you an immediate refund. And of course we’ll still be friends.


Because Dain runs his own courses and programs. I thought it was only fair to restrict the number of the extra special DVD’s, Audio CD and Transcripts that we did together.

I only produced 1000 copies of “Your Delicious Body” and I promised not to release any more.

And 270 of my lovely people heard I was doing this program and immediately pre-ordered their copy. Yes, they wanted the success for their lives knowing everything would be ready and waiting for them.

So it only left 730.

And understandably they are flying out my door. It’s my fastest selling program.

Because it brings you the fastest possible and the most pleasurable results!

Please, please don’t wait, because they are sure to go.

Don’t let yourself miss this. You deserve all of it. The miraculous changes and wondrous new life should and must be yours.

So you are at one with YOU. And in pure harmony with YOU.

And the ultimate thing is – just watch and listen to the DVD’s and Audio CD and it all happens for you automatically.

It’s absolutely irresistible. And it really is truly magical

Just click the button now to make make sure you get your set.

Deliously Yours,

Allana xxx

P.S. Here’s what I said to Dain…

“While sexualness and intimacy are areas I am quite confident in (smile) I am also humble enough to know when the student has met the teacher.

Let’s just say that after a full day on set with you Dain, the laughter, tears, moans and snorts... AND the joy I’m experiencing having the limitation cleared away...I now know what is possible…I have had the most dramatic transformation of my life. 

Clients say I sound different. I’m more vibrant. I love my body (yes, cellulite and all). My community notices my videos are more captivating and engaging. They see how I really want to help them.

The “noise” in my head has stopped. The judgements others made about me in the past have melted away. Any judgments I made against myself are handled. The barriers have gone. I’m actually able to generate and create my future.

I’m home. With me and all that is precious to me.

Everything you did was fun, painless, effortless and so FAST.

I know this program will delight and enrich my people.

Removing all their limitations, letting them create the outstanding life they desire and will have.

And bless your life as well, great man, for giving so much of your time. With who you be, your kindness and potency to make it all happen for them and for me.

Thank you so very much. I adore you, Allana xoxo”

Here’s What Just A Few Of My Delighted Clients Have Kindly Said

“Allana outdid herself this time, and after watching her and Dain in the sample video – I asked myself how? How is she so happy? How is she so spot-on? How is she overcoming every speed bump life throws at her?

All I thought was I want some of THAT! And after watching Your Delicious Body. And listening to the audio clearings by Dain. I get it.

They gave me the keys to how to have it all. Everything I want is in Your Delicious Body DVD Set.

I put the audio files from the CD on my iPod, and used those clearing statements to “fix” every part of my life.

For anyone doubting the investment, don’t! This is not a DVD/CD set – this is a toolbox.

It doesn’t just show you, it guides you, and gives you ALL the resources you need to achieve the state of mind and being that you want. And it does it all FAST”

-Dawn Craycraft, Business Consultant, Miami, Florida


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Your DVD’s unraveled all of the beliefs that I felt I had to adhere to but never believed in.

Coming from a very religious upbringing, where openly talking about sexuality or beauty was considered inappropriate and vain, unraveling all of my inner restrictions is no small feat.

Watching these DVD’s – using what I learn in my life – is providing me not only the guidance but the support that I need. It’s like you and Dain are saying “Jaime I got your back!”

- Jaime Estrella, Stylist, Boca Raton, Florida


Two for the price of one! I love you and I think Dain is a class act and to see you two together it was a no brainer purchase.

But to be honest I wasn’t expecting to feel as good as I have been feeling after watching and listening to this program.

My wife says I am in a better mood after listening to this program and she has now stolen the case from me so she can watch it herself!

Keep up the good work and providing life-changing routines!

- Kris J., Data Analyst, Chicago, Illinois


This DVD with you and Dain is awesome!

I am able to see right away the impact on my thinking and break down the barriers that I self-constructed. Thank you!

- Louisa Sanft, Community Outreach Specialist, Vienna, Virginia

Want to See A Sample Video?
Recieve the Gift Or Your Delicious Body Now!